SHED London

SHED London

SHED was founded by two photography, coffee and wine enthusiasts Brendan Olley and Christopher Fields who in 2011 set up a single photography studio. By 2016 this studio had grown to encompass two photography studios, an onsite coffee shop and off sale wine shop. Over this time building a solid community of creative individuals and a network of like-minded young people who supported each other’s creative practice. SHED has grown into the hive, a second home for many creative freelancers and part of the local ecosystem of businesses and residential.

Graduating from Central Saint Martins in photography, Brendan and Christopher have always believed in the importance of a creative, energetic vibe and naturally found a home in East London where we opened our first photography studio and cafe.

A self-funded project that has taken the best part of a decade to refine SHED are happy to expand our creative vibe to new neighbourhoods across London. Brendan and Christopher have always strived to offer a genuine product to our coworking desk residents, photography studio clients and coffee shop family. This dedication to the product and genuine love for everything is a testament to the thriving community of people who occupy both Clapham and Haggerston on a daily basis.

Wine and Coffee allow SHED to expand our creative message to a broad reach of people and communities, it is our ambitious to use this as a platform to talk to new places and sites across London throughout 2019/20 and beyond.


“Think of it as a cool office canteen for the area’s budding Nick Knights and David Baileys,

If that all sounds a bit too arty, fear not, it’s not unfriendly”

Time Out Magazine *****

“By allowing their personalities to shine through in the space, the founders of SHED are encouraging a creative culture which is shared by everyone who visits”

Nolii *****

“I buy my wine and coffee from Shed Haggerston everyday it is a really exciting project that is shaping up nicely and organically”

Nuno Mendes, Evening Standard *****