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Our top tips for creative eCommerce photography

Our top tips for creative eCommerce photography

Summer has arrived at in London and at SHED we have been shooting Creative for Christopher Kane eyewear. We have been working closely with the creative team at Christopher Kane to ensure their creative vision is translated directly into their images. We have put together our top three tips about creative still life photography.

WHY creative still life photography?

We handle a number of clients who want to stand out with their photography. For some brands, this is their opportunity to reach their clients and showcase their product. For others, it's a great opportunity to make some social media content for Instagram, Facebook and, Twitter. Our role is to make sure their idea is clearly communicated within the imagery and that we always achieve the highest standard of creative still life imagery.

Our top 3 tips for Creative eCcommerce Photography

Below are our top three tips for creative eCommerce photography.  Our suggestions can help you with creating your own strong imagery for your brand.

  1. Textures, texture, textures

Textures are a really simple yet effective way of introducing a secondary dimension to your imagery. The use textures can help complement the product you are photographing. It important to consider which textures work and which do not but above all, experiment and see which are more successful. Sometimes a blend of textures can really help the creative still life images come alive.

  1. Lighting

Lighting is key to making the product look its best. However sometimes experimenting with the lighting can help you make the images dynamic and interesting. A balance between the two will guarantee the best possible images. Combined with the use of textures this can be a really simple way to add another layer to your images. One thing we work hard to achieve at SHED is a combination of lighting, the right texture and out next top point retouching.


  1. Retouching

Retouching product is a finite art one that should be dealt with care and precision. At SHED our team of skilled retouchers works with the client to make sure the images are always of the highest quality. We aim to do as much as we can in camera to maintain the reality of the product and to also ensure that time is not wasted on reconstructing product. Our time is spent balancing lighting and color management to ensure what the client sees in the picture they get when they buy.


Successful creative still life Photography

By using our top tips for creative still life photography you can shoot successful images for your brand. Always experiment you will be pleasantly surprised with the outcomes of the images. Similarly, if you want to talk to one of our team drop us an email.


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