Hamilton and hare photography ecommerce unrecognisable model
Hamilton and hare photography ecommerce unrecognisable model
Hamilton and hare photography ecommerce unrecognisable model

Our top tips for unrecognisable eCommerce Photography

Our top tips for unrecognisable eCommerce Photography

At SHED we take pride in offering above industry standard photography and we have put together our top tips to help you with unrecognisable eCommerce Photography. We work closely with each brand to find out what is their unique selling point and working with Hamilton Hare over the last year has generated our guide to their particular way of shooting their product. We have put together 3 top tips for Unrecognisable Photography.


Why Unrecognisable

Some brands choose to have Unrecognisable eCommerce photography for a number of reasons. For smaller brands it can mean that they have continuity even if the model changes between each shoot.  It can help brands lead customers to focus on the clothing rather than looking at the model which in turn helps the consumer imagine themselves in that piece of clothing. Whatever the reason its important to get it right so the brand is not compromised.


Our top 3 tips

Below are our top 3 tips to ensure you get the right look for your brand when tackling unrecognisable ecommerce photography. If you follow these tips you art sure to get the right look and nail each shoot


1. Choose the right model

The right model will inevitably save you time in the long run. Choose a model that is experienced and who looks good in the clothing. Models with less experience can sometimes slow down the shoot day. An experienced model will move more freely and get the look you want quicker.


2. Neutral lighting

Use a lighting that is neutral and not to angular. The addition of harsh shadows can distract from the goal of Unrecognisable eCommerce model photography. The shadows can cause irregularities in the images which you should avoid.


3. The right crop

The right crop is essential for making sure the model doesn't look like they have had their head removed. We recommend just under the noes gives the best look but occasionally we may crop higher if the models face looks better this way. Its about viewing the images as a whole across your website.

Successful unrecognisable eCommerce Photography

By following our top three tips for unrecognisable eCommerce photography we are certain you will be successful in achieving the best look for your brand. Ultimately its about the needs of your brand and the wants of your clients, once you tap into that you can clearly set out objectives for each shoot and make a template to stick to each time you shoot. Check out the finished look of Hamilton Hare's Website here.

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