tips for lighting product
tips for lighting product

Our top tips on lighting for product photography

Our top tips on lighting for product photography

Our top tips on lighting for product photography

When it comes to producing top quality product photographs, good lighting is usually the make or break to producing the best photos. Whether you shoot in the studio or outside using the natural light – you need to get your lighting right.

Using the natural light

Natural light is usually great for photos, but it can be hard to control. You may opt to shoot your photos during the blue or golden hour to get the best shots. Also, as the light can be difficult to harness, you may need to use a diffuser to soften the light.

Natural light will work well when you’re shooting on location too. Which is preferred for some products as it will help with product placement.

Using studio-setup lighting

Although using natural light can be effective, taking your product photos in a studio would be your best choice as you will have full control of the lighting. Most studios are equipped with a light box and natural or white walls so that the product stands out and looks it’s best. Singular products are usually shot on a white or light wooden background.

Diffusers are also used in the studio to create ambient lighting and soft shadows. Useful when you are shooting lingerie as it creates a warmer inviting look. 

Why choose the Shed?

We specialise in e-commerce brands from fashion editorials, magazine shoots, castings and videos.

We have three photography studios, Studio A is perfect for product photography as it includes a white infinity cove, and with 2,000 sq. ft shooting space – you’ll be sure to find your perfect shot.

Studio B is built for dry hire and still life photographs. It’s a win-win for fashion shoots where music is needed to create an uplifting mood to the shoot as the space is also sound controlled.

Studio C, is located at Curtain Road and is the best place for lifestyle shoots. Why? A 3,000 sq. ft photography studio and 2,000 sq. ft shoots space of exposed brick and minimalist vibe. That’s why.

Book a studio with the Shed

We handle all aspects of the photography hiring process, from arranging studio setups through to post-production. Catering can be arranged for photoshoots of all sizes. Breakfast and lunch, either hot or cold.

If you would like to talk someone on our team about hiring out a studio, just call us on 0203 637 8708 or drop us an email at