SHED / Your customers first Impression

SHED / Your customers first Impression

I guarantee that for many brands your customer's first impression will have been your last consideration when launching your online sales portal. Take it from us, your customer cares about the photographs you take. In this short article, I'm going to give you some tips on what to look for when shooing your product photography.


Let's face it, lockdowns and working from home have meant that many of your customers are buying more online. Whether that be through Instagram, or your website the photography is going to be the first touchpoint with your brand. So get it right the first time and sell more products. your digital platform is your storefront, display the product correctly and entice your customer to buy.


Make sure your website is easy to navigate, clear, and on-brand. no point in having an Instagram style that doesn't match your website. You're creating brand trust by linking these two areas. Ask existing customers to give honest feedback on usability in exchange for a bit of discount on their next purchase with you.


It goes without saying your photography must be clear and on-brand. Images need to be the right size and that they have consistency throughout the website. Many brands choose to shoot this themselves which is a great solution to keep costs down in the early days. However, the beauty of working with SHED Packshot studio is we can work with you to lock down a style and give you access to a team of photographers and retouchers who will work towards giving the highest quality images for your website. It also means you are not trying to specialize in too many areas of your business, we handle that for you.

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Use the images, use them on your website, use them on your socials, in emails. No point in people not seeing the work you have created. No revenue will come in without them. They are vital to your business's success! Back in 2018, I posted a little article about creative photography for e-commerce brands. Check it out here