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Photography Studio East London step into the Surreal World: Cillian Murphy in Captivating Music Video.

Photography Studio East London step into the Surreal World: Cillian Murphy in Captivating Music Video.

Photography studio East London Step into the surrealist realm as Cillian Murphy, the acclaimed Peaky Blinders star, delivers a mesmerizing performance in Paul Hartnoll's captivating music video, "The Clock." Shot right here at our prestigious SHED.

At our Photography Studio East London Cillian Murphy transcends his iconic Peaky Blinders persona, donning a variety of extravagant costumes. The video, created in 2015 as part of Paul Hartnoll's solo album, 8:58, takes viewers on a journey through captivating surrealist imagery and thought-provoking symbolism.

Witness Murphy's raw talent as he paces through the cold, dreary streets, masked in an eerie guise. Leaving an indelible mark on your senses. Prepare to be spellbound as he captivates viewers with every haunting step.

While the image above may not have been shot at SHED, we couldn't resist showcasing our love for the astounding talent of Cillian Murphy therefore. Along with the remarkable work of Willie Vanderperre. Explore Vanderperre's gorgeous portrait of Murphy for Another Man magazine. Taken back in 2015. It's a testament to the actor's versatility and charm and we look forward to seeing him again at our photography studios east London.

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